A revolutionary cost-saving device

exactwater is a revolutionary cost-saving device that removes air and pressure fluctuations from your water supply. We reduce water utility operating expenses for commercial and industrial clients with our triple-patented hydro technology and unparalleled project management. Our promoted technology converts turbulent flow into laminar flow with calculated back pressure to create hydrostatic pressure for 24/7/365 water control that can result in water usage reductions by 20%-40%. We deliver sustainable savings.

Top Features

  • Minimizes air volume

    Condense air inside the water to stop meter overcharging every day.

  • Eliminates turbulence

    Smooth the motions within water columns so a steady flow rate can be achieved.

  • Conserves water

    For the first time ever—random and wild water use becomes controlled by exactwater.

  • Controllable water pressure

    Easily and precisely set the water pressure allowed to pass through the user’s system.

  • Regulates flow rate

    Prevent surging and suction due to utility system malfunctions and fluctuations.