Experience with the power to execute

Sustainably improve your building’s net operating income

Correlate is a portfolio-scale real estate platform that strives to eliminate the barriers faced by property owners in the pursuit of energy optimization & sustainability goals. Our unique membership platform reduces friction between portfolio managers & service providers by unleashing stakeholders from spreadsheets, vendor fatigue, & any need for upfront capital investment to increase building net operating income. Our platform generates new rental & operating income, allowing you to meet your ESG goals. With Correlate, you get a single point of contact with our award-winning team that turns data into results. It identifies cash flow positive energy solutions, designs & manages upgrades, and monitors performance over the long haul.

Top Features

  • Customized strategy

    We start with a customized operating strategy to fit your portfolio. From renewable energy to energy efficiency and utility contracts, our team of energy experts finds the most impactful measures for your net operating income. Our network of partners then makes it happen.

  • Software platform

    Our platform monitors, measures, and optimizes hundreds of building performance metrics. By monitoring your building 100% of the time we are able to cut significant costs, increase profitability and create new revenue that you previously could not have captured.

  • No upfront cost

    Our funding mechanisms don’t require out-of-pocket capital (CapEx) expenditures. Because our solutions are cash flow positive, you can rapidly capture the full value of opportunities and increase net operating income.

  • Flexible contracts and no performance risks

    Our low-cost model guarantees value and minimizes risk. It includes a customized strategy filled with cash flow positive projects that will make an immediate and sustainable impact on your bottom line.

  • Enable your existing vendors

    Correlate is not a closed ecosystem. We are vendor agnostic, meaning we can work with your existing partners to ensure all parties are working toward the same end goals.