Smartel IoT Critical Asset Tracking

Critical asset tracking & monitoring

Theft Prevention

Valuable assets that are mobile, and present scenarios where they can be stolen (think construction sites, road construction, shipments, etc.) can now be tracked in real-time. This can also have a positive impact on insurance costs.

Monitoring of key conditions

  • Businesses that have assets that require temperature monitoring, like restaurants (coolers, freezers, etc.) or shipments of degradable goods (pharmaceuticals, food) can now be monitored in real-time. This can also have a positive impact on safety and liability.

Operational efficiency of assets

  • Businesses that have the efficiency of assets affected by certain conditions (Oil Field Wells - Vibration Monitoring; Indoor Growing Facilities - Light and Humidity Monitoring; shipments that are temperature and/or time-sensitive) can now be monitored.

Real-time alerting/notification

  • On a web-based portal, all location data, sensor data, and movement data is being captured and displayed. Alerts and Notifications are then automatically triggered based upon a threshold being exceeded for the sensor setting defined by the customer.