Smartel Telecommunications Expense Management

Optimizing & lowering your wireless bill

Manage data usage in real-time & stay ahead of your billing cycle

Smartel specializes in using Wireless Expense Management (WEM) software to optimize your wireless communication and save you money. We manage data usage in real-time, allowing us to stay ahead of your billing cycle. We catch excess charges on your account as soon as they occur—long before they appear on your monthly invoice. Our proprietary software detects potential misuse or overage charges and sends real-time email alerts. Your problems are proactively addressed and eliminated before they are billed to your account. Our simple and effective online mobile account management system allows you to monitor the current status of all your users, mobile devices, and wireless plans in real-time.

Top Features

  • Carrier agnostic

    Smartel supports all major carriers. We are continually working with our carrier partners to create better integrations and seamless enrollments that put the end user first.

  • Unused lines remediation

    Companies usually continue to pay for lines for employees who no longer work for them, or have devices that have not been used for better than 90 days, costing them money and receiving no value.

  • Optimization

    We typically save a company between 15-30% of their monthly bill, which is more than paid for the service. These Optimization techniques occur before the billing cycle end date, allowing lines to be moved to more cost-effective plans before billing kicks in, and without losing any features for the user.

  • Data overages

    High data users or infrequent spikes in data use cause significant additional costs in data overages. Through the optimization techniques that take place before the billing cycle, lines can be moved to more cost-effective plans based on the current data usage for that billing period.

Must-Have Features

Carrier Agnostic

We support all the major carriers.