Smartel Failover Wireless Internet Circuit

Reliable, low cost business continuity


When the main circuit goes down (construction, outage, etc.), the business needs immediate failover on a different platform for business continuity.


  • Companies should want a failover program on a different platform. Today, many companies will have a failover line from the same provider. Therefore, when the main line goes down, the failover line is also down.


  • Failover lines are typically far less expensive because they are wireless, and they can be on the lower cost 4G spectrum. These failover lines typically are used for Point-of-Sale system, or SCADA systems that transmit data back to reporting system.

IoT Solutions

  • In addition to Failover, Smartel can provide connectivity for most IoT Solutions. Smartel will assist your customer in getting their IoT solution off the ground and with the most effcient data pricing and plans in the industry.