The power of a third party

Sherwood Forest is an unbiased third party, working tirelessly to evaluate service contracts. With 20 years of experience in assessing and negotiating agreements, we reveal undiscovered savings while preserving your vendor relationships. At Sherwood, it's our honor to bring expertise to your already powerful team. As experts, we represent you in negotiations with your vendors. As guides, we walk beside you at every step of the negotiation process. As coaches, we equip your team to negotiate with integrity.

Top Features

  • Lower costs

    Primarily we focus on reducing your costs or increasing your revenue. If Sherwood Forest discovers a way to lower costs it can free up money to invest elsewhere in your business.

  • Assured pricing

    We’ve analyzed hundreds of contracts and there are almost always areas where your vendor pricing can be negotiated. Cost reductions exist and Sherwood can show you where.

  • Increased productivity

    When you engage with the services of Sherwood Forest it will free up time for you to energize other core competencies of your business. Productivity is key to success.

  • Infinite ROI

    We’re only paid if we unearth measurable savings for you. Clients pay us out of founding money we’ve discovered—money you’d otherwise be paying your vendor.

  • Access to experts

    Our decades of experience negotiating contracts means we’re experts, but we’re also educators. Sherwood can equip you with the industry knowledge you need for future negotiations.

  • Unexpected savings

    You’ll be shocked at the places in your organization where Sherwood Forest finds opportunities to save you money. Found resources can be funneled to initiatives stalled for a lack of budget.


Additional Information