Access cloud services from multiple cloud providers

Faction makes complex multi-cloud technology simple and accessible to businesses that need more value from their data. Our in-depth understanding of the nuances and benefits of multi-cloud allows us to create innovative technologies for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Ultimately, we enable great organizations to unlock more value from their data so they can create more of an impact in the world. We’re here to accelerate your organization’s success by helping you adopt a competitive multi-cloud data strategy that’s scalable, durable, and secure.

Top Features

  • Boosts innovation power

    Innovate faster by accessing best-in-class services from whichever cloud provider has the leading solution at any given time.

  • Avoids vendor lock‑in

    Leveraging features from multiple cloud providers at the same time reduces the cost, risk, and time associated with changing vendors.

  • Overcomes data gravity

    Seamless multi-cloud data and workload management eliminates data gravity concerns and avoids storing multiple (possibly out-of-sync) copies of the same data.

  • Expands geography

    Adopt local solutions for your data (in accordance with GDPR and data sovereignty) while connecting and leveraging preferred cloud services in other geographies.

  • Cuts costs and complexity

    Multi-cloud architecture stores a single copy of your data in a central location accessible to all clouds simultaneously, cutting storage costs by 3-4x.

  • Mitigates risks

    Multi-cloud reduces your organization’s exposure to a single point of failure while centralizing governance and control of your data within regulatory requirements.


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