Managed Services

Business owners have a lot on their plate. Managing sales, marketing, operations, human resources, and finance with a small group can seem a monumental task. Add in information technology and it can get overwhelming. For many businesses, a technical issue with computers, servers, the Internet, or phones can bring things to a grinding halt. Don’t make the mistake of trying to manage these problems yourself. We’ve got your back. With InfiniTech at your side, you can focus your attention on what’s important, growing your business.

Fully managed IT services

  • With our unique InfiniCare™ managed IT service program you can get the benefits of proactive monitoring and maintenance of you IT systems. This provides your business with reliable performance and predictable expenses delivering more value from existing technology and reducing downtime.

Managed security services

  • Cyber attacks aimed at small businesses are increasing at an alarming rate. Many organizations elect to merely use a router provided by their ISP of one purchased at the local office supply store leaving them vulnerable to cyber security criminals. Don’t make this mistake. A modern firewall is a critical defense system that protects your business from internet borne cyber threats and helps improve gaps in network security.

Managed backup and continuity

  • InfiniTech’s InfiniVault™ managed backup solution provides end-to-end protection of your information preventing unnecessary downtime associated with a computer crash, malicious software, or other data corruption. With centralized monitoring and management by our team of data protection experts, we guarantee consistent backup and recovery success.

Data Center Solutions

We work to modernize and automate our client’s IT infrastructure by incorporating the latest trends in Hyper-Convergence, Software-Defined Data Centers, Big Data, and High-Performance Computing.

Hyper converged infrastructure

  • Agility is a key element to accelerating IT transformation. Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) is a key contributor to enabling agility. That is why HCI is becoming a popular architecture choice, particularly for businesses consolidating infrastructure as part of a hybrid IT strategy to extend compute and storage resources outside the enterprise. At the current adoption rate, HCI could soon become a foundation layer for the next generation of infrastructure at enterprises, midsized companies and remote deployments.

Software-defined data centers

  • Virtualization and the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) have revolutionized today’s IT infrastructure and changed the landscape of IT like no other technology. Starting with Server Virtualization, we have moved on to Desktop Virtualization, Virtualized Storage Platforms, and now Software Defined Networks and SDWAN solutions. The SDDC provides the control, security, and redundancy needed for today’s fast-changing and overworked IT organization. Introduce the visibility and automation you need by considering SDDC today.

Data protection solutions

  • Safeguarding critical business information should be at the forefront of every organization. In today’s economy, Data is central to business achievement and continuity of business operations can be the difference between success and failure. To be blunt: Backups Matter! InfiniTech offers a wide array of Data Protection Solutions designed to meet the needs and requirements of your organization.

Cloud computing

  • Cloud computing has proven to be more than a passing trend. It represents a major shift in the way businesses implement and use technology. Many organizations are realizing the benefit of leveraging the cloud to enhance technology delivery. However, migrating applications, data, and services to the cloud can be challenging, complicated, and expensive. This is where we come in. InfiniTech’s engineers and design consultants have a proven track record of planning, sizing, and executing successful cloud deployments.

End User Computing

We specialize in empowering the mobile workforce with devices, digital workspaces, mobile security, and identity services that enhance the user experience allowing secure access to data and applications from any device at any time.

End-user devices

  • As your employees become more accustomed to working with technology, they are demanding more from their devices to enhance their productivity. InfiniTech, in partnership with Dell can help your organization deliver the productivity-enhancing devices you need to maximize the efficiency of your workforce. We offer a wide selection of Desktops, Workstations, Laptops, Tablet devices, Thin Clients, and accessories. We will work with you and your staff to help select the right devices that improve the user experience and offer the best value for your organization.

Desktop virtualization

  • Looking to reduce the time and cost of managing desktops? InfiniTech’s experienced VDI design engineers are here to assist with your virtual desktop deployment projects. We can offer consulting and design; infrastructure sizing, procurement, and deployment; thin client solutions from Dell Wyse; and back end configuration for Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft deployments.

Workforce mobility

  • As organizations and employees demand to be more and more mobile, IT departments and manager struggle with what impacts this will have on networks, devices, and securing data. End users now expect their work experience to mirror their personal technology use: on-demand Internet, useful applications, and lightweight devices. Unfortunately, consumer technology does not always stand up to business demands. Devices lack dependability and serviceability. Applications are difficult to deliver cost-effectively. And data can be difficult to manage, access, and secure.

Identity and access management

  • Security of information is playing an increasing role in today’s IT organization. Without the proper controls in place, compromises and data leakage can occur. Management of user access and controls is critical. Comprehensive identity and access management helps ensure the proper people have the appropriate access to the technology they need. Domains and Active Directory are a good start, but there are some advanced features available with suites like Azure Information Protection that help increase security around access. Whether you are looking to implement Single Sign On, Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Loss Prevention, or Document Security; let InfiniTech guide you through the options available to help secure your company’s data.

Networking and Security

Our focus is on delivering solutions to our customers that provide a lower cost and simpler management than traditional networking, wireless, and VoIP platforms.

Wireless networking

  • The move toward mobility has created a greater strain on organizations wireless infrastructure and increased the need for a robust, reliable platform. No longer is office wireless a convenient perk. It has become a necessity. It has to be as reliable and secure as the wired network. It may have to support 2 (or even 3) devices per employee as well as guest access. Our team can help your organization understand these demands and the options available for meeting them. We help take the guesswork out of planning a new wireless deployment, can advise on equipment upgrades and deployments, and provide configuration assistance to maximize your wireless investment.

Network security

  • Cyber attacks aimed at small and medium businesses are increasing at an alarming rate. Firewalls that filter traffic based on ports and protocols are no longer a sufficient defense. Cybercriminals wishing to gain access to networks have evolved their strategy by embedding malicious code deeper within the network packet. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is required to uncover and block these threats, and with 30% of all web traffic encrypted, DPI over SSL is quickly becoming the standard. Enhanced features such Advanced Threat Detection, Traffic Sandboxing, and Intrusion Prevention also help increase an organization’s security posture. Let us assist with navigating the maze of available options to help increase your network security and compliance. We can deliver solutions that scale from the small office to large solutions that secure enterprises or campus. If you are looking to turn your network security over to a team of professionals, we also offer a Managed Security service.

Network tranformation

  • We can help your organization unlock network innovation, lower operating costs, and simply network operations and maintenance. Whether you are considering traditional networking platform for edge or data center switching or are looking to transform operations with Software Defined networking, the team at InfiniTech will share our extensive knowledge of industry trends and best practices to assist your decision and design.

IP telephony

  • oice Communications is a vital service that many of us take for granted in the workplace. But, a disruption of this crucial service, or even lacking to take advantage of its full capabilities can threaten a company’s competitive edge. InfiniTech, not only takes Voice seriously. We take it to the next level with Unified Communications (UC). A critical component to effective UC services is voice or Internet Protocol (or VoIP). A properly implemented VoIP solution can not only enhance your network but also impact the way your organization communicates, by delivering enhanced functionality, greater feature sets, and a higher quality of service.