ULAP Networks Intelligent Business Solutions

Cost-effective, agile & global architecture

Intelligent business solutions, for the hybrid work environment

Hybrid workplaces have the challenges of connecting hard-to-reach remote locations to software and data centralized in cloud environments. With mission-critical and real-time applications being accessed, productivity can be hampered by patchy connections or unoptimized applications for daily usage in a multi-cloud environment.

ULAP Networks provides intelligent business solutions to address these issues, with innovative digitalized services that redefine your communication needs and optimizes network performance for selected applications. Our service spans globally to ensure wherever you go, whatever application you need to use, you are securely connected with reliable connectivity.

Intelligent networks synchronize your telephony and digital systems to provide you with an application-guaranteed service that adjusts software performance in real time and provides reliable access to data in the cloud of your choice. With automated bandwidth and path adjustments according to your usage, each solution is uniquely designed to make your service scalable and at a lower overall cost.

Whether you need optimized connection for multiple software across regions or cost-efficient telephony and communication networks for your online systems, our technologies of secure IP, SDx-WAN, and smarter session border control can get you to safer cloud environments to get the most for what you pay.

Top Features

  • Connect to our Virtual WAN

    A global virtual network overlay is best suited for enterprise hybrid and office workspaces. Application-WAN identifies and prioritizes latency-sensitive applications with real-time performance measurements while giving your IT admin total control through a centralized management system.

  • Collaboration Made Easy

    Bespoke digital collaboration solutions provided by ULAP Smart Exchange, to synchronize leading core cloud platforms (WEBEX, Zoom, Nice CXone, Teams, etc.) onto the same digital uplink.

  • Cloud Migration

    Host data and online activities through the cloud, for better storage efficiency, IT cost optimization, high-level security, and scalability in usage as needed.

  • Business Innovation & Professional Services

    Business planning & continuity, service management, consultancy, remote engineering, disaster recovery and more to support your total IT requirements.


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