Fiber infrastructure solutions for mission-critical operations

Astound provides IT leaders with high-capacity, secure connectivity for mission-critical applications through an award-winning service that enhances overall agility and responsiveness to customer needs. As a national telecommunications provider, we offer advanced solutions delivered over a diverse, carrier-grade network that we own and maintain. This network provides the speed, bandwidth, and reliability businesses need to support growing data demands. While delivering coast-to-coast connectivity to over 70,000 business customers, we maintain a local, customer-centric approach. Dedicated industry experts are available around the clock to help you stay on top of today’s evolving IT technology and remain competitive in your markets.

Top Features

  • Speed

    Up to 100 Gbps of Symmetrical upload and download speeds.

  • Reliability

    Stronger than copper, more efficient than coax, and resistant to weather.

  • Scalability

    Rapidly scale bandwidth as your business grows or reduce as necessary.

  • Flexibility

    Create a network strategy specific to your needs.