Vodafone Business Device Lifecycle Management (DLM)

End-to-end employee device management

Keeping your workforce connected with the right devices

Vodafone Business DLM sits at the heart of your business: an end-to-end managed service keeping your workforce connected with the right devices, wherever they are. Whether you’re providing for a dispersed workforce, moving to a hybrid work environment, or serving a full team in the office, our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution gives you the flexibility to adapt and scale your device management to ensure you’re catering for new ways of working. We will help you design, build, and manage your device estate all from one place.

Top Features

  • Out-of-the-box experience

    We make sure all your devices are built to your approved design, fully staged, and delivered to your employees ready to go.

  • One simple, user-friendly interface

    Our self-serve platform gives you full visibility over your device estate, making it easy to order and manage devices and report back to the business.

  • Choice of leading vendors and products

    Keep your teams connected. Retain and attract talent with a wide range of devices and the flexibility and freedom to work wherever they are.

  • Spend less time on logistics

    As your single supplier, we consolidate your device needs to give your IT teams more time to support strategic business initiatives.

  • Flexible finances that work for you

    Pay upfront or lease devices, converting capital expenses to operating costs, freeing cash for other investments.

  • Standardized service across regions

    Our device catalog and pricing are harmonized across our footprint, ensuring consistent service and rollout across your business.

Must-Have Features

End-to-end device management in three simple steps

• Design: Choose the devices you need from our catalog of leading brands, and we'll work with you to create a standard build document for each model you want to roll out.

• Build: Each device is built to your specifications, and we'll stage and kit each one so they are ready to go from the moment your employees receive them.
• Manage: We offer several managed services, including asset reporting, repair and replacement, and refurbishment and recycling, with a dedicated service team to support you.