Vodafone Business Fixed Connectivity

Always-on global network connectivity

Experience uninterrupted services with our fixed network portfolio

Vodafone’s network, portfolio, people, and processes help you keep up with a changing work environment by delivering the digital experiences your business needs and your customers want. You can connect through our range of wired, wireless, and cloud solutions and manage your network your way – through portals that offer online, real-time, self-serve change management. Our network is available in 184 countries so you can deliver the same great experience around the world.

Top Features

  • Global network coverage

    With networks in 184 countries, 800 data centers, and over 1 million km of fiber assets carrying 20% of the world’s traffic, you get high-quality connectivity wherever you need it.

  • Breadth of fixed portfolio

    We offer a range of fixed connectivity solutions and managed services. Depending on where and how you like to work, we can provide everything you need.

  • Always-on connectivity

    With 99.99% uptime, our network is always on, reducing downtime and improving access to data.

  • Future-ready

    We are doubling the capacity of our network year-on-year, so it can adapt as your business changes and grows.

Must-Have Features

Seamless experiences across the world

Our always-on connectivity uses mobile and fixed networks to deliver global uninterrupted digital experiences. You can access our networks from wherever you are - in an office, manufacturing site, or working remotely – and the experience is the same. Underpinned by our global network, 800 data centers, and over 1 million kilometers of fiber assets, we deliver reliable, secure, high quality, and consistent connectivity across the world.