Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise

Worry-free roaming across Europe

Worry-free roaming across a global 4G network

Roaming with Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise is simple, providing excellent value in over 130 destinations worldwide.

  • Plus, you can keep track of spend and usage with our reporting tools. For the business, a simple analytics tool gives you visibility on voice and data usage, even across multiple cost centers. For your employees, a simple downloadable app lets end users monitor their own voice and data usage quickly and easily.

Your employees in Europe will be able to enjoy:

  • Borderless roaming across 52 destinations in Europe, at no extra cost to their home domestic plan.
  • The ability to take their home tariff abroad for a small daily access fee in an additional 81 destinations worldwide.

Always on the right data plan

Using up all your data can be upsetting. So is paying for more than you need just to be safe. Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise is a unique self-optimizing plan.

  • Each user and device will be automatically assigned to the most cost-effective data bundle to suit their usage requirements for that month. From the lightest users, all the way to our unlimited category, employees can be sure that they are getting the right data plan at the right price. Plus, the more data you use, the lower the price per gigabyte.

Flexible, efficient options for each user group

No matter how employees use their device: voice and data, voice only or data only, our plans provide a cost-effective solution.

  • So, they can be productive wherever they are working – on the road, at a client site or at home – without worrying about costs. Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise is efficient for all types of users:
  • Voice-only users pay a simple access fee for unlimited voice, text, and MMS, without any additional data bundle charges.
  • Data-only users will be charged for actual data usage for that month, and no additional device access fees will apply to them.
  • For voice and data users we provide unlimited voice, text, and MMS.

A partner you can trust

As the world's largest mobile service provider, it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our network, connections and services are extensive, reliable, and secure, supporting your business wherever you are or want to be.

  • Plus, with our global presence and partnerships across Europe, Africa, Asia and the US, your employees around the world will get a consistently excellent experience.

Why Vodafone?

  • Customer-first: Delivering services in over 200 countries in 23 languages, we work with more than 1,400 of the world's largest companies.
  • Market-leading: We are leading the way in 5G coverage in over 40 cities (and growing) across Europe.
  • Dedicated support: Each of our multinational customers have their own account team to meet their needs.
  • Commercial simplicity: One single contract eliminates complexity and creates clear, consistent billing.
  • Global footprint: With the largest mobile footprint reaching 80 countries (Vodafone-owned networks in 24).
  • Mobile heritage: We have over 30 years of experience in delivering mobility services to more than half a billion customers around the world.