A low-code and easy-to-use cloud contact center platform

GoContact is a 100% cloud-based contact center solution designed to help businesses that need a fast, efficient & easy-to-use self-service Contact Center solution. We provide an omnichannel customer experience for efficient technical support, customer service & sales assistance, helping businesses reduce technological complexity while maximizing the ROI of business conversations. We require fewer IT resources to deliver technology that transforms the communication & collaboration of business operations & is designed with redundancy & resiliency, leveraging the latest programming architecture. We help increase customer satisfaction by boosting powerful features like Agent Assist, Outbound Campaign Dialing & support over voice, email or chat.

Top Features

  • Agent assist

    Guided drag and drop script builder to provide information to agents, allowing them to act based on the call with support for web service APIs.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Advanced dashboards designed to provide a quick overview of real-time statistics, service performance, detailed metrics, and live monitoring of agent interactions.

  • Omnichannel

    Ability to have agents serve customers via voice, email, chat, or social simultaneously.

  • Outbound campaign dialing

    Use preview, progressive, or predictive dialing with support for blended campaigns.