Quality, compatible optics at a bargain price

DHD offers an extensive optics product line from legacy to leading-edge connectivity solutions for data center and telecom applications. DHD transceiver offers a cost-effective alternative to OEM with next-day availability on most parts. One of the most popular product lines with our service provider and enterprise clients is our OEM-compatible optical transceivers. For every order, we custom-select code and test each part to ensure that our optics are 100% compatible. When the requirements are unclear, our team of experts works with you to define the right solution.

Top Features

  • High-quality 1/10/25/40/100/400G optics

    DHDOptics are comprised of high-quality materials and include a lifetime warranty.

  • Platform tested

    The DHDOptics test environment has 100s of devices representing significant capital investment to ensure optics are working.

  • Test reports available for every optic

    Testing every optic ensures our RMAs due to failure or defect are miniscule. We can provide a test report for each serial number shipped.

  • Same day ship is possible

    For our high-volume optics, we're often able to turn around an order the same day and we can drop it to any site so you (or your customer) are up and connected.


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