LightEdge Secure Cloud and Hosting Services

Secure & compliant cloud hosting solutions

Combine compute, network & storage for today's workload

LightEdge offers both physical and virtual data hosting solutions across a number of technology platforms including AWS, IBM, and VMware. From dedicated private infrastructures to flexible cloud delivery models, our compliant and secure cloud and hosting solutions are designed to meet your business needs. Serving as the secure cloud for your enterprise infrastructure, we ensure the reliability of day-to-day operations that demand 24/7 uptime, driving your business and enhancing client experiences. With an experienced team dedicated to simplifying the complexity of enterprise IT, we empower you to achieve peak performance.

Top Features

  • Virtual Private Cloud by VMware

    LightEdge Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) powered by VMware takes advantage of the cost-effective multi-tenant model for infrastructure and virtualization, while maintaining business-critical performance and top security. Our VPC is redundant by default, and can be provisioned by you or LightEdge’s experienced engineers.

  • Bare Metal Cloud

    LightEdge bare metal provides physically discrete, high performance, dedicated servers, storage and network uniquely configured for each customer. Dedicated servers mean added security and compliance, along with exclusive control. You also have the option to create a hybrid environment as your needs evolve.

  • Dedicated Private Cloud Powered by VMware

    LightEdge Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC) provides a secure, single-tenant environment with top performance, control, and predictability, powered by VMware for mission-critical applications and compliance, while retaining server control.

  • IBM Power Cloud

    LightEdge Power Cloud provides specialized resources to ensure your IBM i environment's stability and evolution, including expert IBM i support, Hosted Logical Partitions (LPARs), data protection and disaster recovery.


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