Astound Fiber Network Connectivity

Fiber-optic metropolitan area networks

Get the speed & reliability of a 100% fiber-optic network

Astound Fiber Network Connectivity provides reliable, 100% fiber-optic metropolitan area networks using state-of-the-art transport technologies. Backed with guaranteed performance and responsive local service, your business becomes well-prepared for any challenge. Our comprehensive range of connectivity and Internet solutions includes Dedicated Internet Access, Ethernet Transport, Wavelength, Dark Fiber, IP Transit, Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) and SD-WAN.

Top Features

  • Dedicated Internet Access

    Guaranteed symmetrical speed and bandwidth.

  • Ethernet Transport

    Simple, cost-effective connectivity between multiple locations.

  • Wavelength

    High bandwidth, dedicated fiber connectivity.

  • Dark Fiber

    Our fiber + your equipment = Unlimited bandwidth on your own private network.

  • IP Transit

    Internet connectivity from data centers.

  • Virtual Cross Connect

    A high-speed and reliable option to connect data centers.

  • SD-WAN

    Unlimited bandwidth, maximum control, and network security.

  • Business Wi-Fi

    Enable an all-wireless digital work environment.