CallTower’s Cisco Solutions

CallTower is a Cloud Connected Partner with Cisco globally, enabling Cloud Connected Webex Calling. Customers leverage CallTower for their PSTN access, and through our exclusive partnership, we seamlessly interconnect to provide Webex Calling users with cost-effective and reliable global PSTN services in the cloud. This innovative solution eliminates the need for any premises-based SBC/gateway, ensuring a streamlined and efficient communication experience for our customers.

Top Features

  • Webex Cloud Calling

    With Webex Cloud Calling, organizations can make and receive calls with the Webex App on desktop and mobile devices. Employees and team members become more productive with messaging, screen and file sharing, and complete meetings capabilities now available from anywhere. The security features of Webex protect businesses from threats with encrypted phone registration, activation, call signaling, voicemail, audio, and video streams. Even solution management is secure because all administrative and end-user interfaces are encrypted.

  • Dedicated Instance (DI) for Cisco Webex Calling

    CallTower’s global Dedicated Instance (DI) for Cisco Webex Calling is not a standalone offer but an extension of Webex Calling. DI takes advantage of Webex services to deliver an enhanced experience to customers who need to support older Cisco endpoints, local survivability solutions, or preserve integrations as part of critical business workflows. DI supports the same worldwide enterprise-grade, feature-rich calling capabilities for customers who want to preserve their UCM experience.

  • Webex Contact Center

    The all-new Webex Contact Center experience gives customers the answers they need in the channel they prefer, all with exceptional speed and accuracy to reduce the stress in their day.

  • Key Integrations

    CT Text, AI Assistant, Enterprise Call Recording, Emergency Alert System, One Click Failover, etc.