Give team members the flexibility to work together from anywhere

CallTower’s Zoom phone empowers companies to make their #1 asset, people, connected, productive and happy by keeping information flowing across teams, time zones and projects, and giving team members the flexibility to work together from anywhere. We deliver a unified, simplified, fast and high-quality Zoom Calling experience that allows you to redirect your existing voice circuits, trunks and DIDs to the Zoom cloud.

Top Features

  • Zoom Phone

    CallTower's Zoom Calling leverages a geo-redundant voice network for a seamless and cost-effective corporate telephone system. With a direct link to Zoom, CallTower ensures secure, reliable and customer-centric voice services, enhancing the customer experience with unified, high-quality Zoom Calling & 24/7/365 support.

  • Zoom One (coming soon)

    With Zoom One, CallTower will provide advanced collaboration features such as virtual meetings, webinars, file sharing, and real-time messaging to facilitate teamwork and productivity. CallTower will tailor Zoom One to meet the specific needs of businesses, offering customization options, integration with other tools, and personalized support to enhance user experience.

  • Zoom BYOC

    Operators, such as CallTower, will provide technical support and manage the voice network and infrastructure. Operators can also enable PSTN voice services in regions currently unavailable through Microsoft Calling Plans.

  • Key Integrations

    AI Companion, Provision through CallTower Connect, Call Recording, E911 Emergency Services, 24/7/365 support, and more!