Cloud communication platform-as-a-service

Customer engagement solution

Engagement at scale, on any channel, and throughout the entire customer journey. Maximize ROI with high-performing omnichannel marketing campaigns created with a code-free customer engagement solution.

  • Access the power of true omnichannel marketing
  • Use a single unified platform for all customer engagement
  • Automate your customer journey and enable relevant, perfectly timed messaging
  • Create sophisticated customer engagement campaigns with no need to involve IT
  • Benefit from ultimate channel flexibility
  • Use artificial intelligence algorithms to increase efficiency and maximize conversions

Cloud contact center solution

Drive efficiencies, provide a personalized customer experience, and empower agents to perform at their best with a cloud contact center solution that supports engagement on all the channels your customers use.

  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors by providing best service on their prefered channel
  • Provide the best contact center service on every channel
  • Provide an excellent customer experience
  • Optimize agent performance
  • Maximize contact center efficiency
  • A unified cloud contact center solution
  • Enable your agents to work from anywhere in the world

Chatbot building platform

Automate your customer support and reduce costs with a no-code virtual assistant that supports conversational journeys across your customers’ preferred channels via our omnichannel chatbot building platform.

  • Lower costs - Automate your customer service and reduce operational costs using a conversational virtual assistant.
  • Always-on support - Provide customers with convenient, personalized, and timely assistance through any digital touchpoint with simple rule-based chatbots, or bots that can mimic human conversation.
  • Self-service - Create helpful chatbots that enable customers to get the answers they are looking for without having to speak to a human agent.

Customer data platform

Enrich communication and simplify personalization to create powerful customer experiences Enable your marketing and support teams to create connected experiences with new data and insights.

  • Collect and unify data in one place to create customer profiles that make it easy to personalize every interaction.
  • Unlock a new level of customer engagement with Moments Explore use cases
  • Unlock a new level of customer engagement with Moments Explore use cases
  • Provide personalized customer support with Conversations