Ultra-Low Latency SeaSpeed™

Only Seaborn provides SeaSpeed™ on Seabras-1 to the financial vertical: the lowest latency, high availability route between the trading exchanges of New Jersey and São Paulo (B3 SPA). SeaSpeed™ is offered via dedicated capacity interfaces from B3 (SPA) to the Carteret POP in 1400 Federal with onward connectivity available to Equinix’s NY4 POP in New Jersey and SP3 POP in São Paulo.

Lowest latency

  • All 3 SeaSpeed™ tiers are faster than any currently available high-availability fiber service, including all other services on Seabras-1.

Security and reliability

  • Seabras-1 is designed to connect the commercial and financial centers of Brazil and the US. With 100% of the Brazilian terrestrial network buried and protected with latency-matched diverse terrestrial routes in Brazil, SeaSpeed™ delivers maximum performance and reliability.

Scalable Transport SeaCloud™

SeaCloud™ – Hyperscale capacity in a “Pay-As-You-Grow” Model.

  • From high-capacity interfaces to dedicated equipment infrastructure, SeaCloud™ is the Ideal solution when growth is certain but timing isn’t.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth availability from 10Gb up to multiple terabits across the most secure network connecting the Americas. Commit to a fraction of the total bandwidth available and burst up to the guaranteed amount whenever you need for a known unit cost.
  • Increase the committed rate whenever you are ready and reduce your total cost of connectivity as you grow.


Available as 1Gb, 10Gb or 100Gb with OTU or Ethernet interfaces (GigE), Seaborn’s Wavelength Service leads the industry in delivering high capacity, high availability connectivity to customers with ever-changing bandwidth needs.

  • With delivery available across multiple subsea cable systems, Protected and unprotected services are available across the entire network with the added option for protected optical interfaces when guaranteed delivery of your data is absolutely required.
  • POP to POP delivery within days combined with off-net connectivity to a variety of third-party networks in Brazil, the USA and beyond raises the bar on service delivery.
  • Industry-leading SLAs across the most reliable POP to POP network in the region, combined with automatic service credits in the highly unlikely event of a disruption transforms the meaning of ‘Quality of Service’ for the industry.

Carrier Ethernet

In today’s fast paced, highly complex communications environment, businesses require secure, reliable data connectivity between multiple domestic and global locations. To ensure your company has the necessary cost effective and secure connection, Seaborn’s high availability, tailored Ethernet Service solutions provide the answers designed perfectly for your needs.

  • E-Tree Service: Offers multipoint capability providing sites with hub and spoke connectivity as private or virtual connection.
  • E-Line Service: Offers point-to-point private connectivity delivered as Ethernet Private Line (EPL) or Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL).
  • E-LAN Service: Offers point-to-multipoint private connectivity delivered as Ethernet Private LAN and Ethernet Virtual Private LAN.

IP Transit

Three layers of subsea diversity provide the resilience and core connectivity that customers expect and demand from a carrier-grade IP network. Our IP network is about a lot more than just connectivity though. Deeply peered and independently ranked in the top 50 global providers in terms of AS ranking, we bring content and scale to the Americas with configurations that can be tailored to meet your routing needs.

  • Designed and deployed for both local IP customers and international content providers, our depth of local connections combined with global IX reach capabilities delivers an experience for Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers, Content Providers and Enterprises that we are constantly told is beyond that seen before in the region.
  • Available in every one of our POP locations throughout the Americas, we don’t just connect our local customers to content around the world – we bring the content to the region improving latency and performance.
  • Highly scaled, well peered and rapidly deployed, Seaborn’s IP Transit Service is built for the most demanding applications and user experience including gaming, streaming and bandwidth intensive content delivery.

Remote Peering/Cloud Connect

For local Network Operators and ISP’s looking to differentiate their own service from the competition, guaranteed bandwidth connections to the world’s premier Internet Exchanges is available through our Remote Peering service. We enable you to enjoy rapid deployment into new markets, providing direct peering with global content and service providers. Both Remote Peering and Cloud Connect provide an excellent addition to our IP Transit service as well as being individually available.

Enterprise Direct Internet Access

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service comes with IP address blocks, DHCP, SNMP and optional DDOS protection. With guaranteed bandwidth backed by stringent SLAs on direct connectivity between your company’s existing Local Area Network (LAN) and Seaborn’s IP Network, delivery can be on a standalone basis or in conjunction with any of our Carrier Ethernet services.

Network Design Services

At Seaborn, we are all about designing, building and operating telecommunications infrastructure that delivers high availability for customers, operational efficiency as an operator and a return on the investment made.

We can help you from concept to construct to realization of that goal

  • If you are a content owner/distributor looking to enter a new country or region.
  • If you are a government looking to improve connectivity and reliability for your country’s access to the digital economy.
  • If you are a telecom operator needing to connect internationally through your own infrastructure.
  • If you are a developer with an idea for a network.

CDN/Content Owners

At Seaborn, we are all about designing, building and operating telecommunications infrastructure that delivers high availability for customers, operational efficiency as an operator and a return on the investment made. That doesn’t just apply to the telecoms networks that we build and operate. When it comes to delivering content regionwide the challenges aren’t just geographic. Everything from operating in a new country to importing and staging hardware, establishing all the right local network connections, and then making sure it all hangs together and works becomes ever challenging if you are looking to expand quickly without the logistical and sometimes financial burdens that success can bring.