Support experience management platform

Capture the true voice of clients, act on insights & elevate brand

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become increasingly prevalent in the customer support industry. Support Logic is a modern, proactive support experience solution. We are a leader in using these technologies to predict and reduce support escalations, elevate ticket performance, and retain customers. Our AI is being used to predict and reduce support escalations by a wide group of leading companies. By analyzing large volumes of customer support data, we can identify patterns and predict which issues are likely to escalate.

Top Features

  • Predict escalations

    Discover hidden insights about customer satisfaction, issue urgency and potential revenue risks from every support interaction to get ahead of potential escalations.

  • Prevent customer "fire drills"

    Gain a deeper understanding of every customer relationship and take decisive action in real time.

  • Elevate every agent

    Better engage every agent to foster more effective support while delivering soft skills and other coaching moments to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Retain customer

    Get ahead of potential churn events with an early warning system that empowers both support and customer success teams to protect and grow revenue.