Support experience management platform

Capture the true voice of clients, act on insights & elevate brand

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become increasingly prevalent in the customer support industry. Support Logic is a modern, proactive support experience solution. We are a leader in using these technologies to predict and reduce support escalations, elevate ticket performance, and retain customers. Our AI is being used to predict and reduce support escalations by a wide group of leading companies. By analyzing large volumes of customer support data, we can identify patterns and predict which issues are likely to escalate.

Top Features

  • Support operations efficiency

    Predict and prevent escalations, reduce time to resolution, and drill into customer sentiment to grow and protect customer relationships.

  • Quality, monitoring & coaching

    Monitor 100% of support channels and act on predictive CSAT and CES scores to improve metrics.

  • Agent productivity

    Empower support engineers to solve cases quickly with the help of predictive and generative AI tools.