Helping businesses optimize their use of IoT and technology

SensLynx provides IoT solutions that wirelessly connect multiple assets for a large number of industries across the nation. We combine all the moving parts of IoT systems that any type of business can implement, streamlining productivity with devices you can monitor remotely. We have solutions such as refrigeration monitoring and panic button systems for hospitality and healthcare industries, environmental monitoring for buildings and agriculture, and fleet & asset management for any company with a fleet of vehicles.

Top Features

  • POTS Replacement

    The copper lines that provide life-saving emergency communications to your business Fire Alarms, Elevators, and Security Systems are being eventually being discontinued. It's time to upgrade!

  • Monitoring Systems

    SensLynx Monitoring Systems allow you to maintain the proper temperature and environmental controls necessary to run an optimal process and deliver your product at the highest quality.

  • Panic Button Systems

    The SensLynx Hotel Panic Button Alarm System is designed to keep staff and guests safe from danger while also providing an easy access point to contact security in case of emergency.

  • Fleet/Asset Tracking

    The SensLynx tracking service enables business owners to locate, track and if needed, recover their assets/vehicles with live, real-time tracking.