Microsoft NCE Defender for IoT

Complete IoT and ICS/OT security

Protect IoT and OT environments with agentless monitoring

Drive your digital transformation forward with robust security for your IoT/OT infrastructure. Microsoft NCE Defender for IoT provides agentless network detection and response (NDR) that deploys rapidly, seamlessly integrates with a wide range of IoT, OT, and industrial control system (ICS) devices, and interoperates effortlessly with Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Sentinel, and external security operations center (SOC) tools. Whether you prefer an on-premises or cloud-based deployment, our solution caters to your needs. For IoT device manufacturers, Defender for IoT offers lightweight agents for stronger device-layer security.

Starting at $70.00 /Month

Top Features

  • Secure your Azure IoT projects from edge to cloud

    Use Defender for IoT with solutions like Azure IoT Edge and Azure RTOS to help secure your projects from edge to cloud, with security recommendations and alerts directly in Azure IoT Hub. Unify cloud security posture management and help protect those workloads using extended detection and response (XDR) from Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Connect to Microsoft Sentinel to feed IoT security alerts into your view across your entire enterprise.

  • Built-in security for new IoT projects

    Help protect new IoT devices and Azure IoT projects from day one by deploying Defender for IoT security micro-agents. Reduce risk with real-time security posture monitoring across standard IoT operating systems. Support policies and compliance with continuous visibility into your IoT security, directly from the endpoint. Use Microsoft threat intelligence to detect evolving threats. Create custom alerts to define the most critical threats to your environment.

  • Protect IoT devices with minimal endpoint impact

    Deploy endpoint security with minimal impact to your IoT devices—the Defender for IoT security micro-agent has a small footprint and no OS kernel dependencies. Deploy with the distribution model that works best for your devices, and modify source code to further customize the agent to your needs. Micro-agents are available for standard IoT operating systems, including Linux and Azure RTOS.


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