A marketing engine with customer insights

The Optimum Business PRO WiFi portal allows you to customize your network login screen with branding that is unique to your business. You can also customize what information is collected when a user signs on - including email address, phone number, or even demographic information such as age group or gender. These rich insights can be used for promotional campaigns or simply learning more about your customers.

Separate guest and private WiFi

For guests and customers who need to stay connected, complimentary WiFi helps them keep in touch and do business wherever they are, and makes you a standout service. Not to worry, a separate private network allows you, your employees and your business systems to communicate securely.

One place to manage everything

The PRO WiFi portal has all the tools you need to manage your network and your customers. Manage guest WiFi, private WiFi, connected devices, content filtering, branding, reporting insights, and more.

The best WiFi for any business size

PRO WiFi is also flexible. Get 1-4 access points to fit any location size and ensure the strongest possible signal. Our technicians will professionally install all access points with optimal coverage in mind from the start.