OVATION GDPR Compliant Reporting

Manage wireless usage & expenses

Protect user privacy with GDPR reporting platform

OVATION's GDPR-compliant reporting tool (Magellan) empowers you to effortlessly manage wireless usage and expenses. You can navigate through its intuitive dashboards featuring charts, graphs, and trends that enable swift identification of risk areas. You can customize the dashboard per user and enjoy drill-down and export capabilities. With OVATION's extensive wireless carrier experience and proprietary processes, our tool offers an unparalleled managed mobility solution. Rest assured, our ISO 27001:2013 certification and adherence to GDPR provisions ensure authorized access, secure storage, presentation, and data destruction. You can trust OVATION for comprehensive GDPR compliance and data management excellence.

Top Features

  • Streamlined wireless expense management

  • Powerful risk identification dashboards

  • Customizable interface for user convenience

  • Comprehensive managed mobility solution

  • GDPR compliance for data protection

Must-Have Features

Personal Data

Personal data is defined as any information which is related to an identified or identifiable natural person and can include but not limited to:

Our Tool

In our tool, four specific measures have been implemented for GDPR compliancy, in addition to the security and data privacy measures already available.