Looking for the best and brightest? Go with fiber optics

Fiber internet service is delivered through fiber optic cables packed with glass or plastic strands that transmit data with modulated light. Simply put, fiber is the fastest and most advanced technology in high speed today. Powerful is possible with fiber internet from Arvig.

  • Serious Bandwidth: Speeds of up to 100Gb. Download, upload, stream and video conference.
  • Future Proof: There’s room to grow. Your internet needs are met today and in the future.
  • Here to Stay: Arvig has 15,500+ route miles of fiber in Minnesota. The best is within your reach.
  • Modern Network: Arvig has a well-established and growing network throughout greater Minnesota.
  • Dedicated Connection: Bandwidth reserved for your office. Doesn’t compete with a shared network.
  • Symmetrical Speeds: Uploading video? No problem. Get the same speeds for upload and download.