Verizon LTE Business Internet

Fast, flexible internet connectivity

Internet connectivity—where and when you need it

Verizon LTE Business Internet combines compatible wireless routers with award-winning Verizon 4G LTE network connectivity, providing fast, flexible, reliable internet service. Customers can choose from three cost-effective data plans, each with a specific speed tier and amount of data to suit their needs. It is suited for smaller office footprints, remote offices and locations, temporary pop-up stores, kiosks, and mobile points of sale—virtually anywhere in the U.S. your business needs to be. The service works right out of the box with a simple, quick installation and easy instructions. Customers can get up and running within minutes as soon as the equipment arrives (no wiring or IT skills needed).

Top Features

  • Reliability

    Business connectivity and continuity with primary and backup connections.

  • Flexibility

    Ready-to-go deployment with plug-and-play installation.

  • Control

    The option to keep critical data on a different network.

Must-Have Features

High-reliability connectivity

LTE Business Internet delivers high-speed, high-reliability connectivity—right out of the box. Whether connecting remote employees to the office, customers to your business or your business to the cloud, connectivity matters. Maybe your office footprint doesn’t require a full-blown installation. Or you want to add a temporary location or pop-up store, and don’t have time to spare. Perhaps network options are limited in your area, or you need a backup connectivity plan. Whatever the case, you have a new choice.