BluIP Enhanced SIP Trunking

Hassle-free cloud migration

Leverage existing hardware for a smooth transition to the cloud

Get the most out of your communications with Enhanced SIP Trunking powered by BluIP’s advanced cloud technologies. With a variety of features and capabilities at your fingertips, you can customize the platform to fit your specific needs. Whether you need basic voice and messaging capabilities or more robust features like video conferencing and file sharing, BluIP has you covered. No rip and replace is needed to migrate to UC, as both types of users can exist in the same hybrid enterprise. We believe that quality and support are essential for any successful project, so we have a quality and support program in place as well as a call quality assessment process.

Top Features

  • Local presence

    For businesses with global reach, SIP trunking allows them to have virtual phone numbers in different regions. This creates a local presence, enhancing customer engagement and trust.

  • Scalability

    One of the standout features of SIP trunking is its scalability. Unlike traditional phone systems, where adding lines required physical installation, SIP trunks can be easily added or removed to accommodate changing communication needs.

  • Flexibility

    SIP trunking supports various forms of communication, including voice, video, and data. This flexibility enables businesses to implement unified communications strategies that streamline collaboration and improve productivity.

  • Disaster recovery

    SIP trunking solutions often include redundancy and failover options. In the event of network outages or hardware failures, calls can be automatically rerouted to backup locations, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

  • Cost efficiency

    With SIP trunking, businesses can significantly reduce their communication costs. Long-distance and international calls become more affordable, as SIP trunking utilizes the Internet for transmission, eliminating the need for separate lines for each connection.