Brightspeed Broadband

Scalable & secure internet capabilities

Features and specs

Take advantage of these Brightspeed Broadband features:

  • High quality, high-speed internet options available for non-metro areas
  • Comprehensive options for connections from 10/100Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Flat rate, commit + usage based billing and aggregate billing options available


Choose the speeds that best fit your business needs.

1Mbps - 10Mbps

  • For businesses with 1-20 employees
  • Ideal for light web browsing, as well as downloading presentations and data files


  • For businesses with 20-50 employees
  • Ideal for businesses that require point-of-sale, video applications, and Wi-Fi connectivity


  • For businesses with 50-100 employees
  • Ideal for sending and receiving large files, online collaboration, video conferencing, or streaming