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Next-gen managed cloud services

Migrate to the cloud seamlessly

11:11 Public Cloud provides the flexibility & scalability of traditional IaaS but with proven solutions & managed services that make migration to the cloud simple and straightforward. Whether you’re choosing our VMware-based public cloud or one of our managed hyper-scale cloud offerings, we can help you make your transformation complete, at the speed you want, with the safety and security your business needs. We can guide you throughout your cloud transformation, using a blend of technology, innovation, and a strategy that’s aligned with your needs. We work with your internal teams to create a seamless migration path tailored to the needs of your existing workloads and designed to keep your business running all day, every day.

Top Features

  • Flexibility

    Choose resource options based on your organization’s unique business and application needs.

  • Adaptive cloud engineering

    Flexible access to certified cloud experts who can address your organization’s requirements.

  • Resource efficiency

    Balance cloud performance and cost with an efficient pool of compute and storage resources. Purchase storage and RAM by the GB, and CPU by the GHz.

  • Scale

    Optimize costs and improve performance when you can easily scale storage and compute resources to suit specific applications and configurations.

  • Performance

    Leverage the right storage media for each application’s performance needs – from object storage to all-flash arrays.

  • Data protection

    Ensure your workloads are protected and available with built-in data backup and security.

  • Hybrid-ready

    Quickly overcome the challenges of creating and managing hybrid cloud workloads by leveraging 11:11 Public Cloud in combination with 11:11 Hosted Private Cloud or 11:11 Cloud Transition consulting services. Now you can choose the right cloud for each of your critical business applications.

  • Outcome obsessed

    11:11 Public Cloud experts will work with you to define your objectives, minimize disruption, and migrate workloads to the cloud with ease. We are dedicated to addressing your needs the first time, and every time.

  • Many service offerings

    You get access to services to address all of your digital transformation needs. We offer outstanding cloud, connectivity, and security-managed services.


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