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Unprecedented cloud performance and security

Finding the right cloud solution for your business can be complicated, to say the least. We want the best possible performance, security, compliance & licensing capabilities for our critical applications. However, with such a wide variety of applications & requirements, doing so can be easier said than done. 11:11 Hosted Private Cloud was designed to achieve the benefits of 11:11 Public Cloud, including scale and efficiency. However, its secure, single-tenant model also ensures that resources are ready for maximum performance & can be individualized to meet cost requirements. Our robust private cloud offering features many different pre-built configurations, but we can also tailor a solution to meet the exacting needs of your business.

Top Features

  • Resource efficiency

    11:11 Hosted Private Cloud resources are purchase in blocks that align with your server size, which provides the highest levels of utilization.

  • High performance & license optimization

    Dedicated servers to meet your most demanding application needs and unique licensing requirements.

  • Performance

    You can leverage the right storage media for your application’s performance needs – from object storage to all-flash.

  • Protection

    Built in N+1 resiliency model to ensure system availability in the event of component failure.

  • Hybrid-ready

    The dedicated 11:11 Hosted Private Cloud, in combination with 11:11 Public Cloud, enables you to quickly overcome the challenges of creating and managing a true hybrid cloud platform – giving you the choice to deploy the right solution for your full application landscape.

  • Scale

    Have a unique application or need a specific configuration? You can scale storage and compute resources independently, ensuring application cost and performance optimization.


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