Connect and collaborate over a high-quality digital signal

Streamline your calls and enjoy the convenience of a fully managed phone system with Arvig Hosted PBX. It provides the features and flexibility you need without the burden of maintenance. With Voice over IP technology, all your voice and data communications are transmitted over a high-quality digital signal. You experience mobility, continuity, and seamless connectivity with the best VoIP technology. Enjoy versatile calling features, including portability to mobile devices, and the assurance of cloud-based data storage, retrieval, and recovery. Let us handle line additions, software updates, and hardware maintenance, making your communication experience hassle-free.

Top Features

  • Business continuity

    With data backed up in the cloud, you can maintain operations during power outages or any time business is interrupted.

  • Hosted solution

    Focus on your business, and leave the management and maintenance of your phone system to Arvig.

  • Seamless mobility

    Working remotely or on-the-go is easy. Make and receive calls from a mobile device or port a number to another phone.

  • App integration

    Hosted PBX fully integrates with more than 200 CRM apps, including Sugar and Salesforce. Dial and conference with your Teams contacts.