Dataprise Managed Cybersecurity

Protect and monitor your data 24/7

Industry leading cyber program management

As cyberattacks grow in frequency and severity, traditional MSPs and resource-strapped teams struggle to keep up. Dataprise Managed Cybersecurity offers premier solutions to protect and monitor your data around the clock. With our industry-leading cyber program management, your data, devices, and networks remain safeguarded, meeting business needs and gaining executive approval. Our powerhouse of Managed Cybersecurity provides the necessary visibility, expertise, and technology to halt attackers in their tracks. Benefit from infrastructure monitoring, detailed threat analysis, and timely alerts sourced from a global catalog of known and emerging security threats. Trust Dataprise to ensure the security of your valuable assets.

Top Features

  • Protecting each layer—human, perimeter, network & endpoints

    Receive comprehensive protection and 24/7/365 cybersecurity coverage.

  • 24/7 monitoring & response

    Our lightweight agent offers powerful monitoring with zero impact on performance.

  • Elite security team

    Our cybersecurity as a service program is designed and supported by security experts who combine their knowledge with leading tools.


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