EnTelegent Solutions Universal Connect vSIM Enterprise

Multiple major carriers/one device

“Work From Anywhere” vSIM Enterprise Router bundled Access

EnTelegent Solutions Universal Connect Enterprise Solution offers vSIM technology in an enterprise-grade router bundled with “Work from Anywhere” domestic and international 5 GB to 1 TB Access.

EnTelegent Solutions Universal Connect Enterprise is ideal for Primary/Secondary Business Internet, Rural or Isolated Connectivity, or Temporary Connectivity. It’s perfect for the Construction, Transportation, and Healthcare industries.

Top Features

  • Cost-effective data bundles

    Universal Connect Enterprise vSIM Multi-Network Data bundles are available in 5 GB to 1 TB – 12, 24, or 36-month capped plans. Mid-month Top-Off Plans are also available if the customer has or anticipates reaching their plan’s cap.

  • Connect anywhere & international connectivity

    Our Solution provides virtual LTE access for maximum coverage, performance, and cost-effectiveness. It connects to the best available cellular signal and automatically switches networks as signal strength or network performance changes.

  • Enterprise-grade router

    Clients can use the Enterprise-Grade Universal Connect’s multifunctional wireless 4G LTE router to complement existing WAN solutions as a failover or as a standalone WAN/Connectivity service.

  • vSIM mobile hotspots

    Connect up to 10 devices on the go with optional, easy-to-use mobile Hotspots.