EnTelegent Solutions Universal Connect vSIM Hotspot

4 major carriers, 1 device

vSIM technology in a pocket-sized device bundled with Access

Our UNIVERSAL CONNECT HOTSPOT Solution offers vSIM technology in a lightweight, pocket-sized device for on-the-go Connectivity bundled with “Work From Anywhere” 5 GB to 1 TB Access.

The UNIVERSAL CONNECT HOTSPOT is ideal for Business travelers or Field Employees who need to stay connected wherever the job takes them including Rural or Isolated areas. In addition to providing Connectivity, it also functions as a 4700 mAh Power Bank to keep devices charged even when a power source is not readily available.

Top Features

  • Cost-Effective Data Bundles

    UNIVERSAL CONNECT HOTSPOT vSIM Multi-Network Data bundles are available in 5 GB to 1 TB – 12-, 24- or 36-month capped plans. Mid-month Top-Off Plans are also available if the customer has or anticipates reaching their plan’s cap.

  • Anywhere & International Connectivity

    Our solution connects up to 10 devices and provides virtual LTE access for maximum coverage, performance, and cost-effectiveness. It connects to the best available cellular signal and automatically switches networks as signal strength or network performance changes.

  • Alternative Uses

    Clients can use the UNIVERSAL CONNECT HOTSPOT as a failover or as a standalone WAN/Connectivity service.

  • Remote Management Portal

    Access live data for monitoring and management.