CloudM Archive

Retention and recovery of cloud user data

Automated & secure solutions to all your data archiving needs

As data, GDPR & HIPAA compliance become increasingly more & more of a serious priority for legislators & businesses, it’s never been more crucial to have an advanced understanding & management of your old user data. Whether it’s a concern regarding information requests, conflicts, disputes, or general storage of any offboarded user data, your organization requires robust management & consideration. If you want to have confidence that your data is safe but compliantly accessible, then look no further than CloudM’s industry-first feature, Archive. Instead of manually archiving user licenses, CloudM will archive your data to the cloud with a cheaper, efficient & industry-first archiving technology.

Starting at $15.00 /Year

Top Features

  • Archive

    Automatic and secure migration of user data.

  • Restore

    Search for archived users and browse/restore data.

  • Retain

    Set retention policies to automatically purge data.


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