Sangoma Managed SD-WAN

Scalable distributed network solution

Maximize bandwidth, eliminate outages & improve performance

Sangoma’s SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) solution enables your network to meet demands for greater mobility, digital transformation, increasing dependence on real-time cloud services and improved branch performance. You’ll benefit from the performance and agility to handle any type of traffic, prioritize critical applications and reduce networking costs.

Top Features

  • Cost savings

    Businesses leverage any access type –Broadband, fiber, wireless–making it easy to find the best local pricing and achieve many levels of redundancy/failover.

  • Application-based QoS policies

    Deep package inspection allows for the prioritization of business-critical traffic. QoS policies can be applied globally or per location.

  • Improve cloud access

    Eliminates hair-pinning at enterprise datacenters when accessing cloud-based applications, common with traditional WAN deployments. SD-WAN provides a direct on-ramp to cloud apps, eliminating latency related to inefficient network paths.

  • Optimized network connectivity

    Our proprietary technology combines multiple internet links to dynamically route your traffic over the best available connection and seamlessly re-routes traffic, if issues are detected, keeping your network, applications and users up and running.

  • Operational efficiency

    Standardized hardware is deployed at each site, simplifying the network edge. Predictable deployments and cloud-based control reduce the time spent on hardware management.

  • Hardened security

    Secure IPSEC tunnels deployed overall transport types with fully-meshed or point-to-point VPN setup availability. Hardware devices include stateful firewalls for allow/deny rules.


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