High performance private networking for your enterprise

Sangoma’s Managed VPN provides a simple and cost-effective virtual private network solution, connecting all your sites with maximum performance, highest security, and availability. As pioneers in delivering managed internet, we design, build, monitor, and support your private network, allowing your IT team to focus on your core business. Leveraging our skills, experience, and carrier relationships, we offer a customized Managed VPN solution for performance, reliability, and quality of service. Your solution is built over our own cloud infrastructure, utilizing robust hardware and IPSec VPN tunnels between sites for reliable, secure data transmission. With our network operations team monitoring your network 24/7, you can have peace of mind.

Top Features

  • 24/7/365 monitoring

    Proactively monitor and mitigate circuit issues on your network and maintain the health and performance.

  • Maintenance-free deployment

    Offload all your IT support with our nation-wide service, where we manage, monitor and maintain your corporate network for you, for all your locations.

  • Hardened security

    Keep your data secure with high-level encryption, including AES-256, the gold standard for VPN block ciphers, and SHA-256 to protect data integrity in transit.

  • Quick to deploy

    We connect you to our service using local access types, significantly cutting down deployment time, compared with traditional private networks.

  • High availability

    Robust hardware, diverse connections, automatic failover, LTE backup and redundant equipment ensures the highest availability for your users.

  • Cost effective

    Leverage low-cost broadband, fiber and wireless local access types and mix and match based on your needs.


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