Sangoma Managed Security

Comprehensive threat mitigation & firewall

Secure, reliable managed network services for businesses

Sangoma’s Managed Network Security delivers comprehensive protection for all of your business locations, from unwanted and malicious traffic. Even a single security breach could have catastrophic effects on your bottom line. Don’t be left unprepared as security breaches continue to make headlines. Let our service strengthen your security posture with a single solution that brings together multiple network security functions including next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, application control, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection and web content filtering. We deliver superior protection over traditional firewalls, keeping your business safe and secured.

Top Features

  • Antispam

    Detects unwanted and malicious emails with global spam filtering that analyzes sender IP reputation and spam signatures.

  • Web filtering

    We rate more than 250 million websites with 1.5 million new URL ratings weekly to block traffic to certain content types as desired.

  • Antivirus

    Identifies and neutralizes hundreds of thousands of malware programs using patented techniques.

  • Botnet + domain reputation

    IP and domain address reputation tools block tens of thousands of botnet command and control communication attempts daily.

  • App control + IPS service

    Blocks ~470,000 network intrusions with new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) signatures deployed daily.


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