Managed Mobility Services

Simplify the management of your mobile devices and increase efficiency, cost-effectiveness, security, and insight across the entire mobile device lifecycle. Powered by Dataprise's Wireless Watchdogs, we centralize your mobile strategy, improve efficiencies, and significantly reduce mobile costs.

  • Mobility Strategy & Planning - Help in creating policies, developing structural architecture, and defining and meeting your mobility goals.
  • Device Procurement and Deployment - Procurement, provisioning, and deployment of new devices, and deployment of the MMS system to existing devices.
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support - Remove the costs and burden on your IT department. Our fully-staffed Help Desk is always open to assist your mobile device users.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics - Empower management and executive decision-making with on-demand reports and in-depth analytics on device usage.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring - Monitor email traffic, device roaming information, compliance with corporate policies, and device provisioning and updating.
  • Device End-of-Life Management - Ensure lost or stolen devices can't access the network, retire old devices, and ensure security with pre-recycle factory resets.
  • Predictable Flat Fee - Our expense management solutions for your mobile devices help you reduce costs while increasing control all for a predictable flat fee.