Seaborn Networks IP Transit

Built for intensive content delivery

Meets even the most demanding applications and user experience

Seaborn Networks IP Transit service offers extensive connectivity and bandwidth with a broad reach, providing diverse connectivity across multiple subsea cables. Our IP network offers more than just connectivity. It is deeply peered and independently ranked in the top 50 global providers in terms of AS ranking, providing content and scalability with configurations that can be tailored to meet your routing needs. This service is available in every one of our POP locations throughout America. We don't just connect our local customers to content around the world—we also bring content to the region, improving latency and performance.

Top Features

  • 1G, 10G and 100G ports

  • Full and burst port availability

  • Rapid deployment in days, not weeks

  • Top 50 global ISP (CAIDA)

  • Zero congestion across the network, peers and IX’s

  • DDoS mitigation, IPv4/IPv6 address blocks available