SilverSky Vulnerability Management

Continuous risk management

Close the gaps that expose your business to risks

From coding errors to improper configurations, vulnerabilities pose a critical risk to your business. Most companies scan for vulnerabilities. But scans alone do not eliminate the issues or reduce your risk; they simply identify them & often in large numbers. Not all vulnerabilities pose risks to your business, but in order to know which ones do, you'll need to identify & prioritize the business-critical systems & software in your environment. SilverSky Vulnerability Management helps you detect, prioritize & remediate issues in your environment effectively. We deliver the skilled resources, processes & technology needed to manage the full vulnerability life cycle helping you find & fix potential exposures before they can be exploited.

Top Features

  • Detect

    Our analysts run scans regularly to identify potential vulnerabilities in your environment.

  • Prioritize

    Utilizing a risk-based approach we prioritize remediation findings by device criticality.

  • Remediate and verify

    We oversee and guide remediation on your systems and perform validation scans to confirm success.


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