A secure cloud storage solution that helps organizations provide work-specific access and content to the workforce at any time and on demand. IT admins can distribute important documents in any format (e.g. word doc, PDF, XLS, MP3, etc.) instantaneously to a specific target group or entire workforce, directly from the dashboard console. All documents are keystore-based and encrypted allowing only the intended recipients to view the content, hence restricting unauthorized personnel.


  • A secure communication feature allows admins, managers and the workforce to exchange text messages and engage in seamless video conferencing. Incoming messages can be managed as read-out-loud in the preferred language, regardless of the language used in the original message when it was created.


  • With the user’s consent, Admins can access the device/ endpoints directly from the console, using minimal clicks. In the case of BYOD, through containerization only the user’s work profile and data can be seen and accessed by the admin, while personal data is untouched.

Zero Touch Enrollment

  • Hasslefree & quick enrollment of hundreds, thousands of devices from anywhere with minimum interaction. WeGuard® platform provides a wide range of enrollment procedures for Android-based devices. Set up unboxed devices (Phones, Tablets, AR/VR, mPOS) before they are formally deployed with predefined configurations and work apps from a single-pane of glass.