SilverSky Security Consulting Services

Ensuring right security controls

A proactive approach to strengthen your defences

Give yourself a fighting chance to defeat a cyber attack with a solid, well-maintained security plan. In today’s digital world, every organization faces the real possibility of a cyber attack. The effectiveness of your response relies on the coordination of many decisions, resources, tasks, and information. Before an attack even happens, you need to strengthen your security. Assessments and testing help you understand and prioritize the risks your organization faces across its on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Gaps and exposures in your existing security and controls should be identified and fixed. And a rigorous, well-defined readiness plan must be developed, maintained, and practiced to streamline your team’s incident response.

Top Features

  • CISO advisory services

    Most organizations need extra help and assistance in developing and driving the strategic elements of a Cyber Program. SilverSky’s CISO Advisory Services provide you with the strategic guidance to keep your program on the right track.

  • IT controls review

    Through interviews and reviews, we assess and compare your existing documents and security policies to the best practice security frameworks including NIST, COBIT, and ISO.

  • Compliance gap assessments

    We help organizations benchmark their security program’s alignment with industry regulations and security frameworks and help formulate a strategic plan to address identified gaps.

  • Incident response readiness

    We help you prepare for cyber incidents by developing customized response plans that include frameworks, playbooks, checklists, documentation, and response team roles and responsibilities.

  • Network security assessment

    We analyse, assess, and test the overall design and integrity of your organization’s network to establish an end-to-end view of its security.

  • Vulnerability assessment

    Assess internal and external devices, web applications, and operational technology for vulnerabilities and exposures.

  • Penetration testing

    We test your systems and procedures to determine where there are gaps in your security plan, and then guide you in addressing them.

  • IT risk assessment

    Our team identifies & measures your risk exposure through the analysis & prioritization of information assets, known threats, existing controls & safeguards.


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