Banyax Managed Awareness Training

Custom training solutions

Banyax Managed Awareness Training Services (MAT)

Features include:

  • All technology-facing workforce members in the program.
  • Access to a curriculum of industry-leading cybersecurity awareness education that can be fitted to meet organizations' unique needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Management reporting and visibility into workforce participation and progress in the training.
  • Campaigns to test each workforce member’s ability to recognize and effectively respond to cyberattacks which typically target individuals.
  • Automated enrollment in remedial training for individual workforce members, when appropriate.
  • Management reporting and visibility into workforce performance on testing campaigns.
  • Management reporting and visibility into the improvement in workforce awareness and performance over time.
  • Lowered risk to (Client) from cyberattacks which target unaware and untrained individuals.
  • Through its MAT service and its Cyber Defense Center, Banyax will perform the adjacent tasks.