Banyax Managed Awareness Training

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Turning organization’s users into human firewalls

Banyax Managed Awareness Training is powered by KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training software. We provide managed cybersecurity awareness to our clients, helping them to identify cyberattacks and be less prone to falling victim to them. Our focus is on educating and sharing cybersecurity best practices with your users, as 93% of cyber threats originate from human error. Using the latest sophisticated social engineering tactics, we establish a baseline of propensity with simulated phishing to assess the risk and provide user evaluation in terms of cyber awareness. We then deploy training strategies to end-users to mitigate those identified risks. Finally, we continue to measure the results, assess the risk points, and inform additional actions to protect your user community.

Starting at $517.50 /Month

Top Features

  • User evaluation & Ranking of your cybersecurity education

  • Link with you IT and HR departments

  • Creates a human firewall

  • Simple and cost-effective service

  • Adapts to individual employee knowledge levels, learning styles, and areas for improvement

  • Fitted training for your users that aligns with your organization's requirements

  • Advanced reports


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