Banyax Extended Detection and Response

Managed cybersecurity protection

Our Services

Banyax provides its Managed Extended Detection, Investigation and Response service through its Cyber Defense Center and will offer the following services, as described below:

Monitoring of Cyber Anomalies

  • Monitor and track the information generated by the client’s technologies (on cloud & on-premise) (syslogs) with behavioral analytics of users, movements, or activity within the organization’s network, for the purpose of increasing the visibility of the cybersecurity technologies installed by the client, identifying any type of unusual activity, potential risks or cyber anomalies within the technology network that supports the critical business process.

Notification of Cyber Anomaly

  • In the event that Banyax were to identify, where appropriate, some type of unusual activity, potential risks or Cyber Anomalies, it must immediately notify the Client in accordance with the protocol established, about said event. Banyax must indicate to the Client the corrective, preventive or precautionary measures to eliminate or counteract the Cyber Anomaly.