PhySaaS Verkada Wireless Locks

Improve door security, go keyless

All-in-one locks for secure, scalable & efficient access control

Verkada integrates with third-party wireless locks, enabling enhanced security for schools, healthcare facilities, residential communities & commercial buildings. With all-in-one hardware & seamless Verkada integration, wireless locks are a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution that allows organizations to manage & configure more entrances in Verkada Command. Get a detailed overview of the four series of wireless locks Verkada integrates with:

• Low- and medium-traffic interior doors like those for offices, classrooms, and patient rooms.
• Locks securing cabinets and storage lockers.
• Locks are installed on difficult-to-mount surfaces like glass, wood, and steel.
• Multifamily resident doors in large communities like apartment buildings.

Top Features

  • Meet the needs of any deployment

    Verkada supports many models, styles, and designs, providing the flexibility needed to meet different deployments.

  • Enhance facility security

    Connect and monitor more assets by bringing cloud-managed access control to any type of lock.

  • Centralize management with Command

    Manage locks and all associated access events, permissions, and credentials from Command, the same platform as all hardwired doors.

  • Minimize your hardware footprint

    Bring Verkada access control directly to the door lock for simplified installation and management at scale.

  • Eliminate physical keys

    Replace physical keys with simple badging and remote locking and unlocking.


Additional Information