PhySaaS Verkada Professional Monitoring

Fully managed security platform

How professional monitoring works

Trained agents can verify and respond to threats for you, or simply let you know that unusual activity was detected.

Turn your cameras into a monitored alarm system

  • Use cameras to detect people on your property after hours, and get a team of monitoring agents to verify and respond on your behalf. Still using in-person guards? Verkada can reduce how many you need by improving visibility, screening out false alarms, and taking immediate action, like calling the police or scaring off the intruder.

Increase security with video-verified intrusion sensors

  • Pair intrusion sensors with nearby cameras to get extra protection without the false alarms. Monitoring agents will only escalate verified threats, helping you get priority police response while avoiding false alarm fines.

Upgrade to a modern alarm system

  • Forget what you know and dislike about traditional alarm systems. Even without cameras, Verkada’s intrusion sensors and alarm monitoring give you better visibility and control over what’s happening on your property. View alarm details, share incident reports, and manage key codes, users, and settings from a single dashboard.